ISG Plc for Cheshire West and Chester Council

VALUE: £350,000

ON SITE: 2012

ISG Construction



Acresfield Primary School

Two Classroom Extension with Library and SEN Rooms

Acresfield originally had capacity issues in 2010, a Published Admission Number of 25 and parents concerned about mixed age teaching in year groups 3 and 4. Due to the local demand for places, the school had removed their kitchen to provide more classroom accommodation with hot meals being bussed in from elsewhere. In addition, the school had an old mobile classroom in poor condition, detached from the school.

To ensure that the school not only worked efficiently regarding class sizes and met the statutory need to increase in capacity but also replaced the mobile with an adequately heated, lit and ventilated teaching space, CWaC prioritised a two classroom new build extension at the school. Whilst the school was identified as coming under land within the Green Belt the need to ensure adequate teaching provision in an established primary school fitted the planning criteria for very special circumstances.

The initial Client brief was only to provide a two classroom extension together with a new group room, however, following a Building Bulletin 99 assessment it became evident that additional boy’s toilets were required together with relocation of the existing library area and it was possible to incorporate these additional areas into the proposals.

The layout was designed to fit around the school’s existing external covered stage and benching area. By extending the existing linear layout of the school, and utilising its central spine corridor, the two new classrooms were located on the southern side overlooking the school field with supplementary natural lighting from the east and west respectively.

The new library was located on the western side with west and north facing windows, similarly the new SEN group rooms were also located on this side facing west.

Please download the development profile sheet here.