Cheshire County Council

VALUE: £3.2m

ON SITE: January 2008

White Building Services



Helsby High School

Central Core Remodelling

Dating from 1938 on this present site, Helsby High School was formed from an amalgamation of two grammar schools in 1978. By 1997, Helsby High School was established as a successful school serving the Helsby / Runcorn / Frodsham area and in 2003, the school was awarded Specialist Science College status. Through the years the number of buildings on the site has increased, and they are arranged around a number of courtyards, with the original buildings on the south side, and the newer buildings to the north.

One of the main accommodation problems the school experienced was the internal circulation route, which was addressed by the ‘Central Core Remodelling Project’. The scope of works was to develop a secondary, continuous circulation route to the north side of the courtyards, linking existing lengths of corridor where possible. To enable this to take place, there were a number of teaching and support facilities to be relocated.

The resultant project comprised a large block of general teaching/ library/ICT accommodation, a specialist science block, an internal break-out/social space, the refurbishment of the dining hall and changing rooms, as well as the new circulation route. All of this has been achieved in the centre of a fully functioning school.

The general teaching block is ventilated using innovative E-stack technology, which is a proprietary low energy mixing ventilation system, developed by Cambridge University and E-Stack Ltd.

Please download the development profile sheet here.