Helsby High School

VALUE: £460,000

ON SITE: August 2005

Hankinson Construction Ltd



Helsby High School

E-Learning Centre

The development of the E-Learning Centre was the first of a series of projects at Helsby High School - a specialist science college serving the Helsby / Frodsham / Runcorn areas.

The location of the centre was determined following an analysis of existing accommodation, circulation routes, and the services the centre is to provide. It is discretely located on the north side of the main school buildings, and encloses a courtyard, helping to make a more sheltered outside space for children to socialise. The central location creates new circulation routes and promotes the possibility of future development.

The accommodation comprises two dedicated teaching spaces large enough to each allow two classes to be taught simultaneously, an IT suite for sixty computers as a resource for structured lessons and pupils working individually and two offices, plus ancillary accommodation. Both the existing buildings and the requirement to optimise natural ventilation and daylight to reduce the use of mechanical ventilation and artificial lighting, determined the form of the new building. High-level windows provide even light reducing glare on the computers, and combined with the shape of the roof create a stack effect to promote natural ventilation. In addition, high thermal mass, deep roof overhangs and external shading devices will moderate excessive summertime overheating.

Please download the development profile sheet here.