Cheshire East Council

VALUE: £300,000

ON SITE: May 2012

Walter Carefoot & Sons



Leighton Primary School, Crewe

Mobile Classroom Replacement

Leighton Primary School is an OFSTEAD ‘Outstanding’ rated, 2 form entry school situated on the western edge of Crewe.The school had two dilapidated mobile classrooms on site, one was in joint use as a Year 1 and SEN teaching space, while the second had been decommissioned from teaching and was used solely for storage.

A new Year 1 classroom and shared practical space was constructed adjacent to the existing Year 1 classroom, on a grassed area between the existing buildings and the main road. This helped to enhance the existing infant provision and also allowed the construction of the new classroom to begin while the existing mobile was still in use.

A new SEN room is located centrally to the main school building, on the site of the former link corridor from the main school to the mobile classroom. The SEN room also looks out over the former footprint of the mobile classroom which has been seeded and will form part of the secure Reception play area.

The removal of the second mobile, to the rear of the existing buildings, allowed the playground to be opened up and extended. This provided a greater hard play area for the children, and allows for better visual security across the site.

In addition, the school also requested that an internal resource space be reconfigured to provide a ’Reading Recovery’ teaching space, with audio links and a two way mirror to enable teachers from other schools to learn how to teach alternative reading methods.

Please download the development profile sheet here.