Cheshire County Council

VALUE: £323,000

ON SITE: June 2004

Hankinson Construction Ltd

PROGRAMME: 25 weeks


Over, Winsford


Completed in January 2005, Over Neighbourhood Nursery was developed under the Neighbourhood Nurseries Initiative, which aimed to create 45,000 new childcare places by 2004 in disadvantaged areas. As well as providing good quality childcare, the NNI seeks to be part of a wider community regeneration project, working with other service providers, to improve the quality of life and widen the opportunities available to both children and parents. This is achieved by providing childminding services and out-of-school-hours clubs, in a hope that improved childcare and family support will encourage parents back to work.

The 280m² nursery is located within the grounds of Over Hall Community School, and provides full day childcare facilities for 46 children aged 0-4. A small community room is included to provide access to resources and advice on family issues.

The scheme was designed to complement the existing school, efficiently utilise a constricted site, and take advantage of fast track construction, to produce an accessible, welcoming and inspirational building.

Please download the development profile sheet here.