Cheshire East Council

VALUE: £750,000

ON SITE: June 2012

Walter Carefoot & Sons



Quinta Primary School, Congleton

Mobile Classroom Replacement

The Quinta Primary School opened in 1968, as a 1 form entry school in a SCOLA building. The school currently runs at a little over 1.5 form entry with seven year groups distributed over eleven teaching spaces. Three of these classrooms were housed within dilapidated mobile classroom units, remote from the main school building, and without toilet facilities. There was also very limited informal learning and small group spaces, those which exist are lay-bys off the main corridor. Also, there was no internal lobby with a secure door at the main entrance to provide a secure waiting area for visitors to the school.

The brief was to provide four new classrooms, with informal learning and small group spaces, several areas of internal refurbishment were also incorporated into the project. The design developed to form a new spine corridor giving access to a single classroom and a flexible teaching space constructed with a flat roof, and a group of three classrooms under a pitched roof.

A small porch was designed for the main entrance to provide a secure lobby for waiting visitors. The office and staffroom were refurbished and reconfigured internally to gain more usable space. A new library was provided by the main entrance to serve the whole school. The redundant boy’s wc’s were remodelled to provide a group room.The existing car park was reconfigured to provide a more efficient parking arrangement, and to allow pupils to exit from the hall directly to the play ground.

Please download the development profile sheet here.