Mr & Mrs Horan

VALUE: £350,000

ON SITE: 1998

F Suckley & Sons Ltd

PROGRAMME: 36 weeks


Brook House, Nantwich

Country House

The opportunity to build this contemporary family house within the greenbelt arose from a previous planning approval to add an inappropriate extension to a small farm cottage on the edge of a South Cheshire hamlet.

Careful negotiations with the Local Planning Authority resulted in permission to demolish the existing cottage and build a new residence comprising a two storey house, detached garage and stables.

Although set within a dramatic site of over two acres the Local Planning Authority limited the redevelopment to the existing curtilage of the cottage, less than half of that area. They also imposed a limit on the ridge height equal to that of the former cottage. It was the design team’s decision to arrange the new accommodation in three wings, each consistent in massing to the original building.

This facilitated the disposition of the rooms; the east wing houses the family living, the west wing the formal entertaining areas, whilst the central wing acts as a link, enclosing a south facing conservatory, a stair with views to the north and open gallery.

The house sits on the edge of a plateau with the ground falling away to a brook which forms the north boundary. The elevations to the south are heavily glazed with a balcony to the master bedroom overlooking the walled garden which links the three buildings.

Please download the development profile sheet here.