Dee Hills Limited

VALUE: £2.9m

ON SITE: Feb 2003

L. Brown & Sons Limited

PROGRAMME: 65 weeks


Dee Hills Park, Chester

Riverside Apartments

Dee Hills Park is a high quality, private residential development of eighteen apartments occupying an elevated site with spectacular views south eastward, across the River Dee and the Meadows beyond.

The site, one of the most significant views of Chester, when seen from the meadows, is within the Boughton Conservation Area and is flanked on either side by contrasting Grade II Listed Buildings. To the south west lies the flamboyant, pinnacled, red brick and tiled Uffington House, designed by E A Ould and to the north west, the much cooler, classical Mere House, the original dwelling in Dee Hills Park, designed by Thomas Harrison. Further villas extend along the escarpment to the north west.

The main block was built on the site of former 1930’s Government Offices, which were demolished, and a separate town house was developed to the rear, framing the entrance and the views of existing buildings beyond.

The design solution is mindful of this context and whilst remaining strictly modernist in approach in particular draws on the simplicity of the white rendered envelope of Mere House and on the tradition of south facing balconies and terraces evident on the established buildings which extend outwards and downwards to the River Dee.

Please download the development profile sheet here.