Taylor Woodrow Ltd

VALUE: £20m

ON SITE: May 2004

Taylor Woodrow Construction

PROGRAMME: 74 weeks


Greystoke, Didsbury

Residential Development

Enjoying extensive cover of mature trees and shrubs this residential scheme for Taylor Woodrow Developments is comprised of mainly new build apartments with a small proportion of new town houses.

Two existing significant structures on the site were retained, Rosebank and Greystoke, both Victorian villas. These lent themselves to conversion by a logical sub-division into seven apartments each. Both now enjoy repositioned entrances leading to new, central circulation areas.

All the new build structures utilised timber frame construction and in particular a structural insulated panel system. The panels were factory produced which allowed on site assembly to be accelerated.

The system also allowed the shell to become weather tight before completion of the external skin, enabling brickwork to be taken off the critical path and both the external skin and internal fit to progress side by side. All roofs are flat "warm-roof" construction with single ply finish.

In total there are 79 new build and 14 conversions providing 93 units.

Work commenced on site in May 2004 with final completion in November 2005.

Please download the development profile sheet here.