Grosvenor Estate

VALUE: £200.000

ON SITE: 2010

Carson Construction Ltd



Mill Cottage, Aldford

Country House

During the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries the 1st Duke of Westminster built many comfortable and practical dwellings in villages and hamlets on the Estate at Eaton near Chester. In all, over three hundred cottages as well as farms were built during this period. This chapter of house-building bequeathed a singular character to the villages and hamlets on the Estate, and the legacy has been extremely well maintained and indeed is being constantly refreshed to reflect contemporary expectations of comfort and efficiency.

Occasionally today there is an opportunity to build a new home and here at Mill Cottage in Aldford we were asked to design a dwelling that should blend seamlessly into the character of the village but be thoroughly contemporary in terms of energy conservation and sustainable building technology.

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