Holy Trinity, Runcorn

Built in the mid 19th Century, Holy Trinity is essentially a large ‘single cell’ church with first floor raked seating at the west end. It has a Grade II listing. The main access is through the west end tower and was approached by a wide set of steps gradually tapering towards the width of the outer door which was situated very close to the top step.

We were asked to design a ramped access for the church both for wheelchairs and children’s buggies, as there is a mother and children’s club several times a week.

The eventual solution used the natural fall of the site to reduce, as far as possible, the length of the ramp required to rise approximately the 900mm at the main entrance. In addition the steps where remodelled and brought forward to give a proper top landing and to catch the ramp coming in from the south. The original steps were often used for wedding photographs and the extra landing space created now greatly improves this facility. Matching stone was used to augment the re-used stone of the original steps and natural stone was used to face the walls and pave the ramp. Other original features such as the wall mounted handrails and boot scraper, were repositioned to suit the new arrangement.

Please download the development profile sheet here.