The Ship Inn Ltd

VALUE: £500,000

ON SITE: July 2008

The Ship Inn Ltd



The Ship Inn, Handbridge

Public House Refurbishment

The Ship Inn is a landmark site in Handbridge, Chester, close to the River Dee and adjacent to Edgars Field which is a pleasantly open public park. The site is in a conservation area and is one of the most important gateway approaches to Chester.

The purpose was to extend and refurbish the existing pub to create a high quality spacious gastro restaurant. This is bringing new vitality to this neglected but important area of the village.

Throughout its history, The Ship Inn has played a pivotal role in the community, serving the shipping and milling activities around the Old Dee Bridge. It borders Edgars Field, where a bas-relief statue of the goddess Minerva still survives from the Roman occupation.

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