Bentley Motors Ltd.

VALUE: £5m

ON SITE: 2008 - 2010

Kier NW Ltd

PROGRAMME: 2 years


Bentley Motors Ltd, Crewe

Large Component Warehouse

TNW along with Civil and Structural Engineers, Betts Associates were appointed to assist Bentley Motors Ltd with the building envelope design and feasibility of a totally new Integrated Logistics Centre on the campus.

This facility was needed in order to radically upgrade the whole supply chain involved in receiving the extensive range of components coming into the Works and delivering it with utmost expediency and dependability to the production line.

The constraints of the site, the integration with the production line and the need for seamless transfer as different parts of the facility come on or go off stream required a high level of collaboration between Kier and its design team, the logistics contractor and Bentleys production management team.

In addition the location of the new building housed redundant structures, originally part of WWII Rolls Royce engine production and heavy vehicle assembly. Significant demolition and contamination strategies had to ensure swift and efficient preparation for construction.

For TNW the whole process outlined above was a new experience being grounded as it was in the fascinating and exacting environment of one of the World’s most prestigious car manufacturing environments.

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