Saffil Ltd.

VALUE: £500,000

ON SITE: April 2006

Conlon Construction Ltd

PROGRAMME: 28 weeks


Saffil Ltd, Widnes

New Offices

The new two storey building for Saffil Ltd occupies a site between their existing leased premises and the main production plant and borders extensive open ground which extends South to the River Mersey and is adjacent to the proposed Widnes Waterfront Development.

The proposal provides a new headquarters and administrative centre for the filament plant. It has a footprint of some 300m/sq with ample provision for hard and soft landscaping and for 30 parking spaces. Two of its key functions are that it is readily identifiable and that it reflects the exacting and technical nature of Saffil's operations.

Within the simple discipline of the rectangular form and four equal structural bays, the differing elements are straight forwardly articulated. The glazing pattern reflects the interior functions with over three quarters of the floor plates at at each level given over to the office accommodations, either as individual rooms or as open plan.

The palette of materials is deliberately restrained again reflecting the relative straight forwardness of the building. The envelope is finished with light grey metal cladding and glazed in powder coated dark grey aluminium frames and the roof is clad with a dark grey proprietary metal roof system. Shading to the ground floor windows to the South elevation is provided by cantilevered steel brise-soleil.

Windows to the gables are relatively small except the Oriel bay which punctuates the west elevation and provides south-west views towards the anticipated waterfront development.

Please download the development profile sheet here.